Top five most wanted Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters

Daddy Sakurai just unleashed the single greatest troll move that Nintendo has ever fathomed by introducing Piranha Plant as the first confirmed DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He also confirmed that a further five characters are due to hit our gamepads following the launch in December. It’s incredibly unlikely that any of these will end up being confirmed, but here are five characters that I’d love to see join the fight for the low, low price of only £5.99 each. As a side note, I’ve removed any characters that are already confirmed as stage hazards or assist trophies as we know they’re out. Otherwise, you can bet your left hand that Alucard would be my number one pick. And yes, this also means there are no ‘waaa-ing’ plumbers. With all that said…


5. Shadow the Hedgehog

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

First appearance: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001), Dreamcast

Doesn’t this just seem like a no brainer? As an echo fighter, Shadow would fit seamlessly into the new Smash landscape. As the original ‘dark, edgy clone’ character, with a few minor alterations to the run cycle and move set, he could easily slot in as a Sonic echo. We currently have only one character representing the franchise and in recent years, Nintendo and Sega have gotten pretty cosy, so it seems reasonable to assume that a second member of the darkest corners of DeviantArt could join the fight. Of all the characters on my list, Shadow seems to the most likely to actually make it in, especially considering his removal as an assist trophy. His final smash could include the motorcycle and gun edginess of the laughably bad Shadow the Hedgehog, though knowing Sakurai it’d likely be a re-skin of Sonic’s instead.



4. Heihachi

Series: Tekken

First appearance: Tekken (1994), Arcade and PlayStation

With the recent announcement of a second Street Fighter character, it seems only right that its sister series Tekken, is allowed some Smash representation. Following a great guest character debut in the tragically underrated PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale as well as Soul Calibur 2 and 5, so he’s no stranger to alternative fighting games. Heihachi could have a home in the Smash world with minimal move set tweaking. He could utilise his most memorable Tekken combos and could even bring out Kuma, his famous bear companion for his side special. Alternate skins could have him in his different stages of age and hell, you could pretty easily echo him for Jack or Paul. A final smash harkening back to the ridiculous story mode of the first Tekken involving throwing the opponent off of a cliff would be both appropriate and hilarious.



3. Sceptile

Series: Pokémon

First appearance: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (2002), Gameboy Advance

While we do have a lot of Pokémon representation already, hear me out. Sceptile has already proved its mettle as a fighting game character in Pokken Tournament and its design and in grass attacks are just made for it. He literally has blades coming out of his arms; Tell me those smash attacks wouldn’t be awesome. Introducing Sceptile would provide a nice throwback to the forgotten series of the anime where Ash used one has his main powerhouse for as good few seasons. It would also complete the trifecta of fire, water and grass final starters which currently is far more weighted to the fire side, thank you very much Incineroar. For a final smash, a transformation into Mega Sceptile and a powerful Leaf Blade or Solarbeam would be more than my heart could take.



2. Skull Kid

Series: The Legend of Zelda

First appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998), Nintendo 64

Can we just talk about the fact that we haven’t had a new Zelda character since Brawl? Come on Sakurai, that’s the second biggest franchise the Big N has to offer! With three Links and essentially two Zeldas, I think it’s time for a more obscure pick. The Skull Kid (specifically, the Majora’s Mask character) would be a wonderfully left field pick that would work brilliantly in Smash. His moves write themselves. Using his two fairies for his up special, Majora’s magic for his side specials and briefly stunning the enemy by turning them into a Deku for his down special. Finish it off with him donning the titular mask for his final smash and you have a really cool, if odd, fighter.



1. Crash Bandicoot

Series: Crash Bandicoot

First appearance: Crash Bandicoot (1996), PlayStation

I know, I know; it’s pretty damn unlikely. But if it was ever the right time, it’s now. With Nintendo and Sony collaborating more and more with talk of cross play and more importantly, a release of The N Sane Trilogy on Switch, I’d optimistically say it looks more possible than ever. Having Crash in Smash (weird sentence) is not only a great choice for a fighter due to move set possibilities, but also for cementing Smash as a celebration of gaming in general. I’d also like Banjo Kazooee from Microsoft for similar reasons, but I think they get enough limelight in these kinds of lists. Having Crash would show gamers that these companies are all on the same field and can cooperate for the good of the community, despite being competitors. In terms of moves, his iconic spin and the use of Aku Aku for recovery would be obvious. However, I’d also like to see some obscure historical moments make their way in, like his down special utilising the monsters from the ludicrously unpopular Crash of the Titans. For a final smash, how about using gold Aku Aku to tear up the stage, not unlike Super Sonic.


And those are my most desired characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC. Apart from Shadow, I’d say they’re all incredibly unlikely, but hey, I can dream. Let me know in the comments below, who you’re most keen for. If it’s Waluigi though, please don’t bother. It’s a pipe dream people.


..Pipe dream…


…because he’s a plumber.




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